Why São Paulo?

The Brazilian General Data Protection Law ( “LGPD”), passed by The National Congress of Brazil on August 14 2018, is due to come into effect on August 15, 2020. The legislation - similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - creates a new legal framework for the use of personal data processed on or related to individuals in Brazil, regardless of where the data processor is located. Leading the way in South America for data protection legilsation, Brazilian firms or those operating in Brazil must comply with the upcoming LGPD or face santactions of 50 million Brazilian reais (around €11 million) or 2% of a company’s annual turnover in Brazil per violation.

São Paulo is the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and the most populous city in Brazil, with the 11th largest GDP of any city in the world and is home to 63% of established multinationals in Brazil. It is a dynamic late bloomer, having been heavily overshadowed by Rio de Janeiro not only during the colonial era but also throughout the 19th century.

São Paulo is one of the world’s largest diversified economic centres. It is an international leader in industry, from heavy to high tech; in banking and finance; in commerce; and in global trade. As the capital and core of a state with a gross domestic product (GDP) larger than that of most countries, it has an immense government services sector and looms large in communications and transportation. São Paulo is therefore well placed to host the first PrivSec Conference in South America, offering large and small orgainzations across the region an opportunity to meet and hear from industry experts and leading solution providers in data protection, privacy, security and governance. 

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